Interim versus Consultancy

By Derek on November 24, 2017

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When I set up my own business 16 years ago I was told to watch out for the silver foxes. My friend was fondly referring to the corporate chiefs who took a package and then went on tour. Then I heard the well known definition of a consultant ‘They ask people for a lend of their […]

Failure Avoidance

By Derek on November 20, 2017

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The biggest difference between people who flourish in life and those who don’t is not money, health, talent, connections or looks – it’s wisdom.  Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions.  According to, wisdom is ‘the ability to know what is true or right, common sense or the collection of one’s knowledge.’ I […]

The Emotional Tank

By Derek on November 6, 2017

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I spend a lot of time in the world of business. I take part in discussions about growth, crisis, people, results, targets, pressure, competitors and customers on a daily basis. My conversations can be with people who are on top of their game, some who are visibly under pressure, and others who seem to be […]