Getting the balance right

By Derek on April 30, 2018

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Many of us are pulled in so many directions with competing priorities, so the question is, ‘How in the world can we find balance?’ What do I mean when I say balance? I’m talking about getting our time right.  I hear people saying all the time, ‘I’m so busy that I don’t know which way […]

Leaders and followers

By Derek on April 23, 2018

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Just because someone has a title, it doesn’t necessarily make them a leader.  Some of the most influential leaders in organisations don’t have a ‘title’ per se, but they are being followed. If you were to go to a course, a retreat, or a gathering of say 20 people who had met each other for […]

Original is best

By Derek on April 16, 2018

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I’ve come to realise more and more the important distinction between copying and being original.  Of course we can all learn from others who are successful and have travelled further down the road so to speak. Role models are great, but comparison however can be dangerous. I’ve met people who’ve become obsessed about modelling their […]

Call the Mentor

By Derek on April 9, 2018

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We can all recount times in our lives when we’ve received advice that has shaped our future. We may not have recognised or indeed liked it at the time, but looking back it was worth the discomfort. Most probably we were being mentored in some capacity, although we may not have realised it at the […]