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A time for reflection

As we fast approach the end of a year it's always a good time to reflect on the past 12 months and indeed give some thought as to what next year may have in store.

Life has a way of testing us all.  For some, this past year will have been full of challenge and/or adventure.  For others stress and anxiety will have taken their toll.  Some of us will have had reason to celebrate, while others will have dealt with loss.  Yet others will look back on achievement and success with a degree of satisfaction.

A question perhaps, 'Did we learn the lessons we were meant to have learned, or are we 'slow learners?'  Life has a way of twisting and turning that often leaves us having more questions than answers.

The work/life balance will have had a few knocks also, with families usually the ones who come out second best.  Health will have played a part also in the the lives of so many.

The younger among us will say there is plenty of time to learn, yet the older will wonder where it all went.

As we reflect back and look ahead towards next year:

We should make the most out of every opportunity

We should live life with no regrets

We should always take the time required for those closest to us

We should keep no enemies and guard our hearts from bitterness

We should find opportunity to help others along the way

We should smile as often as possible

We should not take things personally if at all possible

We should be thankful for the simple things of life

It's worth remembering if we have any money saved, a hobby that requires some equipment or supplies, a variety of clothes in our wardrobe, two cars (in any condition), and live in our own home, we are in the top tier of the world’s wealthy.

Wishing you all a time of peace and rest this Christmas season with every blessing for 2018