The power of example

At the 1993 annual meeting of the American Heart Association, 300,000 doctors, nurses and researchers met to discuss, among other things, the importance a low-fat diet plays in keeping our hearts healthy.  Yet, during mealtimes, the delegates consumed fat-filled food such as bacon cheeseburgers and fries - at about the same rate as other people from other conventions.  When one cardiologist was asked whether or not his partaking in high-fat meals set a bad example, he replied, "Not me, because I took my name tag off."  (Citation: Boston Globe (11-10-93).

I don't know about you, but this story highlights the standard others have come to expect.  The importance of consistency is not to be underestimated.  We all deal with situations where we are under pressure to conform.  We often have just a split second to make a decision on matters of choice and integrity.  Doing the right thing is the duty of everyone who considers themselves a leader, there is no other expectation.