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What a follower looks for in a leader

Everybody likes to be treated a certain way, regardless of position. When it comes to leadership, the people following are no exception, particularly when the pressure is on. We look around today and we see many examples of how 'not' to lead, with motive and politics getting in the way all too often.

When we break it right down and strip everything away that doesn't matter, followers really look for certain key values in a leader. They are:

If a leader needs volume to get things done – something's not quite right

If a leader feeds their ego on the inferiority of others – there is most likely a deep rooted insecurity issue somewhere

If a leader treats others like their personal property, then they are not a true leader

If a leader has to decrease a another person's value in order to increase theirs – then their leadership is worth very little.

True influence is inspiration not manipulation

Finally, if a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others and has an admiral character - people will follow