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Making Change happen

When we look at business these days, 'To stand still is to go backwards' the saying goes. Absolutely no doubt there is truth in this statement, the consequences of apathy having been well documented over recent years. The changing world of business regardless of sector is therefore something that cannot be taken for granted.

Many organisations have both formal and informal change programmes in place, particularly around technology etc, but the culture within is a different challenge entirely. People by their very nature are creatures of habit most of the time.

Even though my own business has been built on change, my wife reminds me that I really don't like change, particularly when it involves my personal space, i.e. the house or garden etc.

How then do organisations get the people to come on a journey into a new tomorrow?

Some of the keys I have found important and that are worth keeping in mind are:

These are all relatively straightforward you would think, but the last point is the one where many organisations fall short. Whether because of time restrictions or other perceived to be more important areas, this tends to get less air time than necessary.

All successful change projects rise and fall with the people. Making the change happen is dependent on having them come with you.

The most successful organisations are the ones who have literally recreated themselves over the years. They are filled with people who have a voice, are empowered, invested in, and motivated to continually change in the future. This simply doesn't just happen; but rather it is the result of strong communication and participative leadership, which have both become the norm.