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Mentoring & Coaching

Working closely with owners/senior people as they deal with challenge / growth / decline / diversification / people

Also, career direction for individuals who require confidential discussion.

Derek McCracken is an executive coach and mentor with a successful background in senior interim management career spanning over a period of 20 years.  He has completed over 30 specialist assignments (each ranging from 3 – 18 months) across a range of sectors including oil & gas, medical device, aerospace & defence, bespoke manufacturing and the service industry.

In the still evolving field of professional coaching there are service providers ranging from multinational consulting and organisations who have added coaching to their offering, to a growing range of independent practitioners. 

Derek has a proven ‘on the job’ coaching background, which enables him to identify with the challenges and opportunities that leaders face.  Interim Management has provided action based, results driven and troubleshooting experience often in very time bound environments. 

This experience has taught him to be adaptable and versatile, whilst being able to connect with people quickly and relate widely in pressurised settings.

You can expect Derek to listen to what you need and he will either deliver it or connect you with someone who can. He doesn’t believe in taking on a project if he’s not sure he’s the right choice. Derek is committed to being the best in his field and his values are based on consistency, honesty, openness, appreciation and respect.

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