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A Sales Masterclass on a Portuguese Street

Just last week my wife and I were having a break in Lisbon, Portugal. One evening, as we ate dinner at a street restaurant, we witnessed something of a masterclass in sales.
Philippe was busy drumming up trade in a bustling area of the city where there were literally 10’s of restaurants scattered around the streets. (Competition)
Not phased at all by the competition our man smiled and greeted each potential customer, politely asking if they wanted to look at the nicely designed menu, whilst walking alongside them. (Presentation)
The slightest hint of acknowledgement and he began to sell. (Buying signals)
If the pitch wasn’t being too well received, out came the small glasses for a complimentary shot of a local brew. (Incentive)
The law of probability them kicked in; he knew if the potential customers took the shot he had them reeled in. (Tactics)
Charming as he was, he knew his menu very well and easily answered any question pleasantly. (Product Knowledge)
He was not alone and worked as part of a group.  One cheeky observation was when his colleague thought he had a couple interested; Philippe bent down to tie his lace, blocking the pathway to allow a little more time for the pitch to complete, which turned out to be successful. (Team work)
He knew at a glance who was definitely not interested and those who may be. He didn’t waste time on the cold shoulder, he just moved on to the next challenge. (Resilient)
It was interesting to note that Philippe’s restaurant was the busiest on the street. It was also amusing to watch while we enjoyed the food and this live entertainment.
Of course we were watching because he had reeled us in just a little earlier. (Closing the deal)