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Building confident expectation

Are you a person who get things done, or are you known for over promising and under delivering?

Whether in business, relationships or life, this topic is alive and well with the satisfaction scale ranging from suitably impressed to being totally disappointed.  When a person takes on a commitment, they undertake responsibility to complete a task or range of tasks, usually within an expected time period.

It really doesn't matter if it's taking out the bin, dealing with an awkward situation or completing a project.  In principle, an undertaking is an undertaking.  There is a level of expectation associated with the task by those concerned, whether spouse, friends, workplace colleagues or superiors.

The question is "What do they see?"  Do they see a person who is reliable, or do they say to themselves, 'I don't hold out much hope for that to be completed.'

The workplace or business environment particularly, is a place where we hear comments ranging from:


The truth is, we all leave others with some kind of expectation when it comes to getting things done.

The question remains, 'Do we leave people with a confident expectation, or can we build one?'