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Dealing With Adversity

I remember a customer coming to see me a number of years ago. This guy usually came a couple of times a year and I really looked forward to his visit as we got on very well.  Anyhow, this time as he drove into the car park I looked out the office window and noticed that he was walking a little strange. As we sat down to a cup of tea I asked 'what's with the limp?' He looked at me with a smile and said, 'I had an argument with a digger, and it won.' He proceeded to roll his trousers up to show me an artificial leg.

Well, as you might imagine I was quite taken aback. I asked, 'How have you coped with that?' He replied, ' I have good and bad days.' I continued, 'What do you do on a bad day?' He answered, 'I get into the jeep and drive to the hospital and I visit the ward I was admitted to at the time of the accident. I spend some time talking to the patients and when I come out I feel as right as rain.'

This guy had learned how to deal with adversity by encouraging others. I've thought about that meeting many times over the years. Whenever things are tough, and circumstances seem overwhelming, taking time out to encourage others less fortunate can change how we view the problem we're facing.