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What every Leader should know..

Leadership is a subject, a craft that has been honed and debated for centuries.  It attracts all manner of discussion, enlightenment and revelation from many different practitioners and scholars, and has done so for hundreds of years.  It has throughout history brought us many examples of ordinary people rising up to a need or a cause, going on to inspire nations and changing mindsets, achieving what seemed impossible at the time and creating a vision for others to follow for generations to come.

Yet sadly leadership has also been responsible for some of the world's most horrendous and at times tragic outcomes internationally.  Dictators, abusing the use of power and privilege have taken advantage of vulnerable and defenceless people in desperate need of help and hope.

A lot has been done, or not done, in the name of leadership.

However, having said all that, leadership remains integral to our day-to-day lives in one way or another regardless of who we are, what we do or where we're from.

Something I've come to realise over many years and it's no rocket science really, yet some leaders struggle to see and understand it:

'People want to be treated a certain way.'

They don't want to be bullied, disrespected, taken for granted, or put down.  They don't want to be alienated, rejected or treated like a piece of dirt on a shoe.

No, every person, every human being wants to be appreciated.  They want to be shown respect and dignity.  They want to be inspired and encouraged.  They want to be valued and recognised as a person and not an object.

Perhaps, the leaders who are ego driven, self centred and full of self importance have a blind spot when it comes to understanding that people want to be treated a certain way.  Or, is it also the case that some of these same leaders can turn the false charm on and off to suit the audience or occasion.  This kind of leader also has a blind spot, because every around them can see that flaw except themselves.

When people are treated correctly, with dignity and respect, performance and achievement increases significantly.  More than that, the fully engaged team willingly goes the extra mile without being asked.


Because they are treated in a certain way.