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Have you ever been misunderstood?

Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think. Our intentions are often misread by well meaning, but ill informed people and if we’re not careful we can be pigeon holed into a particular category by those who are quick to judge.

Recently, I heard a story of a woman who had an elderly relative she thought lived a very boring, non engaging life. Apart from work and family it was thought that this particular relative did nothing of any significance. That was until she died.

After her death people began to appear from all over the place with accounts of how this relative had helped them in so many ways. Others wrote genuine notes of condolence, sharing how they had been greatly impacted by this seemingly obscure life.

The woman from whom I heard this story was completely taken aback at the far reaching impact of her relative, a life that clearly had made such a huge impact in the world of so many. How wrong she had been.

The morale of the 'story' is exactly that, ‘We all have a story,' and it's not always visible to onlookers.  Not always do people brag about what they do.

Individual influence is not to be treated lightly. The truth is we all impact on the lives of those we come in contact with in some way.

We will either have a positive influence on their life, or a negative one.

Let's add to the lives we come in contact with rather than subtract from them.