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Selfish of selfless?

Why is it that some people only talk about what they’re doing and what they’ve done. It’s as if you don’t really exist, they’re so busy going on and on about themselves?

Why is it that some friendships are so one sided?  Although they could well go on forever provided you do all the running, all the phoning and all the arranging?

Why is it that some people are really only interested in what’s in it for them?

Well, it’s called selfishness. The thing is, selfish people may not actually see themselves like this. In fact if you were to challenge a person about being selfish, they may just stare at you strangely with an almost unbelievable look that says, 'who me?'

The fact is, in this life there are givers and takers, we most likely know people in each category without thinking too long. There are also people who have some kind of entitlement syndrome.

There are yet others who care on the surface only, but don’t count on them when the chips are down.

Life is full of interesting people and as it happens the most interesting thing of all is this, 'people with a generous heart and a caring nature are the happiest of all.'

Selfless people have little or no concern for themselves, especially with regard to fame, position or money.  Yet, selfless people are often the most content, the most inspiring, the hardest to anger and the nicest to be around.

Selfish and selfless are words that sound alike, but that's where the similarity ends.