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The Authentic Leader

Regardless of whether it’s business, sport, politics, or church, to name a few of the main spheres of life, the topic of leadership has been debated for centuries.

It was once said ‘Leadership is like beauty, it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.’

There are many who call themselves leader these days, but then again self-praise is no praise.  People usually follow a leader for three reasons; it’s because they have to, are paid to, or want to. The authentic leader is interested in the last category.

The key to authentic leadership can be described in one word. It’s a word we hear often, but seldom take time to reflect on the fullness of it’s meaning.

The word is ‘Character.’

Character has a number of key attributes, which attracts genuine followers. These include:

·     Integrity

·     Reliability

·     Honesty

·     Self-discipline

·     Being teachable

·     Perseverance

·     Consistency

If a leader takes seriously the effect of these values, they will attract loyal and faithful followers who will go the extra mile.  Discretionary effort is a valuable commodity these days and the example of the leader is more powerful than ever.