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The Consistent Leader

One important attribute of a great leader is that of consistency.  The ability to remain consistent regardless of circumstance is a quality worth recognising.  For example, when a leader has to deal with aggressive tone or body language in a pressurised setting, it's the easiest thing in the world to react rather than respond.  As humans we are wired to fight or run.  When we feel threatened we naturally either engage or we retreat.

It could be a demanding client or line manager, or it may even be an awkward or challenging peer, or perhaps an opinionated team member trying to provoke.  Regardless of the who and why, we generally have a choice as to how we deal with things.

The consistent leader understands the difference in emotions.  They recognise arrogance, insecurity, anger, fear and expectation in others, but more importantly they know how to respond responsibly.  The experts teach us that when emotions rise, rationality goes out the window.  When tensions run high it's also not the best time to add more coal on the fire.

Therefore the consistent leader chooses to bring a calming influence instead.  They automatically look for ways to defuse situations and provide solutions.  They also know when to create space and provide time for reflection in a way that is non threatening.

The consistent leader is not known for blowing fuses or punching tables, but rather for firm professional attitude and counsel.  They can display passion without volume, expression without provocation and direction without tension.

A leader who is consistent will attract followers not because they 'have' to follow them, but because they 'want' to follow because they set the tone and instil confidence.