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The Emotional Tank

I spend a lot of time in the world of business. I take part in discussions about growth, crisis, people, results, targets, pressure, competitors and customers on a daily basis.

My conversations can be with people who are on top of their game, some who are visibly under pressure, and others who seem to be going through the motions as it were.

One thing I've come to notice the longer I work is that we all possess something I'll call the emotional tank. Now I'm not a medic, but depending on how full the tank is on a given day, it can either positively or negatively impact personal performance and the work environment. There are occasions when the emotional tank is pretty full with all the issues outside of work, leaving little capacity for the challenges of the day.

Sadly, some people deal with tough situations outside the workplace and they try to leave these down as they sign in. The reality is that this is difficult to do.

Some people deal with or hide these better than others. The more private generally internalize the challenges they face outside work, whilst the more open tend to share with their close colleagues.

In summary, it's good to be mindful of the emotional tank in the people we work with, or do business with.  In fact, all of us humans can use a little encouragement regardless. We all genuinely appreciate support in tough times, whether we admit it or not.

Today, why don't we (myself included) reach out to someone who could use some encouragement, a person who's emotional tank seems a little full.  We all know somebody who could benefit from some support, and they're usually not that far away from us.