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The Enemy of Professionalism

One definition of the word professionalism has been described as:

The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterise or mark a profession or a professional

When you hear people say things like, 'that wasn't very professional,' they are suggesting that the conduct of an individual was not in keeping with expectation.

I have seen some surprising examples during my career, in fact I've been downright shocked by some of them.  Of course we all have areas of weakness, but I'm talking about people who put themselves out there as highly professional 'in certain groups and in certain settings,' yet away from the camera or aside from the limelight different behaviours are at work.

The clue is in the fact that there are three things that make the world go around, 'Money, Sex and power.' Or another way of describing these, 'Pleasure, profit and advantage.'  When the stakes are high enough, some of the most professional and highly reputable people drop the standard, usually having succumbed to at least one of the three.

Conduct is compromised, qualities are diluted and character is displayed in a new light.

One of the most sought after qualities of an authentic leader today is consistency.  Someone who does not waver or change to suit the environment, but rather remains steady and secure on matters of values and principles. That is a true professional.  Followers are crying out for such examples to model their aspirations on.

A person who stays true to their values regardless of audience or temptation, is becoming harder to find in a world that offers so much by way of personal gain, which truthfully in practice has a very high price tag when all is said and done.