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The Power of a Smile

Regardless of culture, nationality or class, a smile has a universal meaning. It really says you are accepted, you are welcome and all is well.

Hazel and I were in London recently and walked alongside a Marathon route just as it was finishing. The girl in last place was approaching the finish line with the accompanying motorbike coming behind her.  We heard the cheer and shouting of encouragement even before we saw her. Then she came running past smiling broadly as she ran.

If you were to sit at the entrance of a shop, people generally don't walk past with a big grin on their faces, but if you smile at them, they will usually smile back.

Is it fake or is it real?

Whenever we smile, there are 2 potential muscles we activate. The first one controls the corners of your mouth. Whenever this muscle only is activated, it’s not actually a genuine smile. Scientists call this the “social” smile. The second muscle is known to show sincerity and encircles our eye socket. We can usually tell the difference though.

Why don't we make somebody's day by giving them a genuine smile.