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The Tight Place

I remember many years ago as a young engineer in the Medical Device industry hitting a very formidable problem. It had me completely stomped.  I simply couldn't see a way to resolve what was a very 'big' problem as far as I was concerned.

The then Technical Director came alongside me as I stood pondering the challenge before me and after a few minutes he said, 'Why don't you go home and think no more about this tonight.  When you come in tomorrow fresh you will see a way forward.  If you don't we'll change something.' (Words of wisdom from a mature manager)

I did go home at suggested, but I must confess that it was still very real in my mind.  The next morning I wasn't in work 10 minutes until I saw the solution.  It's as if it was staring me in the face all along.

The moral of this story is that we all get into a tight place once in a while, that's life.  Even though things look pretty gloomy at times, there is always a way.  Someone said once, 'The thing you fear the most seldom ever comes upon you.'

The benefit of hindsight is an amazing thing also.  We can often look back at tight times and laugh at where we are now, compared to what we were going through then.