What we weren’t taught at college.

I’m all for education, but so much of life is learned at a different school. We attend this one every day whether we realise it or not – the school of life is a big one and it’s international.

It’s good to remember the type of thing we learn at this school and I’ve listed a few lessons that have impacted on my life below:

  • Never think that life is an entitlement – there is no such thing
  • Always remember to live for today, tomorrow will take care of itself
  • The challenges we face now never look as big when we look backwards
  • Get out and travel a bit, particularly to somewhere less privileged – it’s a good leveller
  • Don’t listen to those who would try to put you down – this kind of person has deep issues
  • There is bad in the best of us, and good in the worst of us
  • We all respond positively to a smile – don’t let someone hang their coat on your bottom lip
  • The capacity of a human being to achieve greatness is amazing – never say never
  • We are only as confident as the words we use
  • Negative people can spread their influence faster than we think
  • Positive people are contagious
  • If money is our only worry in life, we don’t really have any worries then
  • Imagination can paint some scary pictures
  • Helping other people is the most fulfilling thing we will ever do

The school of life has no fees and the learning is free but it can cost a great deal.  It can test us in every area and stretch us in ways we never knew possible.  It is however a great privilege and we should live it to the very maximum each and every day

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