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When you think you can't

It's been said that we're often our own greatest critics and I think that's true.  How many times have you found yourself thinking 'I don't think I could do that,' or 'That's too much for me.'  The potential to achieve more than we 'think' actually lies within each one of us.  So often we sell ourselves short by listening to the whisper from within that says 'no you can't.'

Have you ever climbed a mountain with false summits.  You think you're almost there only to discover there's another level.  Well, that's been my experience of life.  The amount of times I've had to push myself just a little bit more to achieve a goal would take some paper if I were to write them all down.

We're wired for more than that and we have the ingredients to succeed.  There's a reason why we're told to walk by faith and not by sight.  Myles Munroe once said, 'the cemetery is full of dreams never realised, books never written, goals never reached.'  We have a life opportunity to be the best we can be, to go further, to reach higher than we ever thought possible.

So often we settle for much less than we should in life.  You may think that the opportunity sitting in front of you is too difficult, or too complex.  You may even think that you could never do whatever it is you're looking at.  It could be a dream to make a difference, or a promotion that seems way higher than you would be comfortable with.

Can I encourage you to push the boat out and go for it.  There is something strangely exciting about risk when you decide to go forward in an area you don't feel qualified for.  'Do we ever 'feel' truly qualified for anything?'

I often say to my sons that hindsight is a wonderful thing.  When we look back at what we are facing today in 6 months or a years time, we'll often smile and wonder what all the fuss was about.

The challenge is to get that mind moving in the right direction and not let it dictate what you can't do.  It's time to push the boat out and go for that goal, that desire that lies deep within you.