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Where are the role models?

When we hear the term 'role model' we think about what we admire and like about a person. We usually look at values, attitudes and behaviours associated with a role, or do we?

More likely we look at their achievements, image and success. I don't know about you but some of the people I once would have considered good role models have fallen disappointingly short for various reasons.

Switching things around however, it could be argued that each of us also have somebody following us, whether in family, workplace, community or wherever. Regardless of others, the sobering question we should ask ourselves is 'what are they following?' I once heard this said:

There is the person we think we are

There is the person others think we are

There is the person we think others think we are

Then there is the person we really are

Like it or not, whether we're aware or not, interested or not, in the fragmented world we live, more people are looking for example and authentic leadership than ever before.

The role model plays a very important part in the lives of people today and will continue to do so in the future.