Have you ever been misunderstood?

By Derek on March 26, 2018

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Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think. Our intentions are often misread by well meaning, but ill informed people and if we’re not careful we can be pigeon holed into a particular category by those who are quick to judge. Recently, I heard a story of a woman who had an elderly relative she […]

Life is not an entitlement

By Derek on March 19, 2018

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I remember years ago travelling to work via a back country road where I passed a small petrol station (that’s what it was called back then). Each day as I drove past, the owner was standing with his money bag over his shoulder waiting for the next car to pull in. The picture of this […]

What we weren’t taught at college.

By Derek on March 12, 2018

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I’m all for education, but so much of life is learned at a different school. We attend this one every day whether we realise it or not – the school of life is a big one and it’s international. It’s good to remember the type of thing we learn at this school and I’ve listed a […]

The role of the Interim is still in demand

By Derek on March 5, 2018

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I know the term ‘Interim’ still has a number of variations in meaning depending who you talk to, but the original reference being that of an adaptable short-term Senior Manager, still holds true for many organisations today.  Yes, some recruiters have used the term interim to refer to temporary posts, which in my view is […]